Our heritage

The collegiate church of Amay

Located in the centre of Amay, the collegiate church Saint-Georges and Sainte-Ode is looking great. It profils on the sky its characteristic silhouette: a long vessel prolonged by the imposing mass of the front-body, three stately towers topped by sharp bells. Classified heritage site of Wallonia, the collegiate church has its origins in the Merovingian era with its first church erected according to Sainte-Ode tradition. Around 1089, a roman style church is built on the old one. It remains a few elements from this period such has its central nave situated on each side topped by a semicircular arch as well as its two stoneware lateral towers.

The inside of the building

    The disappearance of the primitive roman script from the interior of the building did not take away its charm and leads us in front of a beautiful building. The elegant tuscan style columns have replaced the original square columns in 1641. Less than a century later, the old flat roman ceiling has been abandoned for the the actual arch. The choir has been transformed in 1725.


The stations of the cross

Realized by the talentend amaytois painter Georges Leplat (1930-2010), this stations of the cross is composed by 15 stations made with gold leaf according to the iconic technique. Enhancing the internal brightness of the building, its works enrich the precious collegiate church art collection.

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